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Power to save family farms and the environment with anaerobic digestion

By John D. Forcier, P.E., Lee Enterprises Consulting, Inc. Special to The Digest Farm-based anaerobic digestion systems have adapted in various regions of the world....

An Overview of the current Biochar and Activated Carbon Markets

By Hugh McLaughlin, PhD, PE — Lee Enterprise Consulting, Inc. Special to The Digest Biochar is an emerging market; growing rapidly, still in its infancy, but...

The EU Commission has lost the Plot on Biofuels

By Dick Roche, Special to The Digest Just as the EU institutions were shutting up shop for the long summer break the EU Commission issued...

Organic Acids: Key Facilitators of the Bio-economy

By Lorenz Bauer, PhD, Lee-Enterprises Consulting Special to The Digest Recent declines in oil prices and the failure of start-up biofuel processes to meet production cost targets...

New Bio Plastics and Resins

By Lorenz Bauer, PhD., Lee Consulting Enterprises Special to The Digest Sales of biopolymers and resins are predicted to grow to over $5 billion by 2021.   Biomass...